About the Blog

This blog is the home of a just completed book titled Managing Writers: A Real World Guide to Managing Technical Documentation. There are only a few books available that address this topic, most of which approach the topic by applying software development methodology to documentation projects. Although I discuss development methodologies, my main focus is on the human element, focusing on the places where documentation development ends up being different in the real world. I.e., how writers are really treated; how to be effective with insane deadlines, etc.

The blog contains draft portions of the book as they were posted for review. I will leave them up for the time being, but the blog will now move onto other topics.

About the Author

Richard Hamilton has managed technical documentation teams for over ten years. His teams have developed technical documentation for Unix and Linux systems, web-based applications, and many other software and hardware projects. He also has led development teams, including a team at Hewlett-Packard that developed a DocBook XML-based environment that delivers print, web, and online help content. He has been a member of the DocBook Technical Committee since December, 2001, and is a contributing author to the DocBook 5.0 Transition Guide.


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  2. hi dick,
    i like the new title, and that you got rid of the cutesy titles. much improved.

  3. Met you at the STC Summit earlier tonight.
    I remember reading your experience with the tornado volunteers in the Mgmt SIG listserve. Good observations on the question of what motivates people.

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