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Intelligent Content 2009

December 11, 2008

I’ll be going to Intelligent Content 2009 next month (Jan 29-30).  I’m looking forward to it as a chance to dive deep into “Web 2.0” with some really smart people. It will also be the first opportunity for me to market Managing Writers and XML Press at a conference.

It looks like the program has a good mix of industry pros and people who actually use the technology the pros talk about, with a minimum of marketing pitches (actually, none that I can detect, other than sponsors).

Beyond that, however, I find the real value in nearly every conference I’ve ever attended has come from meeting and speaking with the attendees and speakers. I’m especially looking forward to those discussions at this conference because many of the speakers are doing things I’ve been thinking about for years. Combining the interactive capabilities of the internet with the ability to create “Intelligent Content” using XML opens some amazing opportunities. As a publisher and writer, it’s clear there are new ways of delivering information that we have only begun to exploit.

Regarding the speakers on the program, I’ve heard Joe Gollner speak in the past and had the opportunity to talk with him at length earlier in the year.  He is an entertaining speaker who always brings a new perspective on whatever his topic is. I’ve also heard Scott Abel speak on a panel; always interesting and ready to stir the pot. The other speakers look interesting, and I think the topics will stimulate some lively discussion.

I will have copies of Managing Writers at the conference in case anyone is interested, and I look forward to possibly meeting some of those who read my occasional posts. Drop me a line if you’re going to be there.