XML Press to Publish Managing Writers

September 4, 2008

A new imprint, XML Press, will be publishing Managing Writers. XML Press is devoted to publishing content that helps people use XML technology for technical communication. In addition to Managing Writers, XML Press is currently in the process of acquiring several other books, which will be announced soon.

Over the last few years, the big technical book publishers have pared back their offerings to books they believe will have a large audience. That has left a niche for a publisher that can produce books and electronic content with a smaller, but still vital, audience. XML Press is pursuing that audience with a streamlined, low-overhead approach to publishing.

While I’d be glad to sit down with Oprah or Stephen Colbert to discuss Managing Writers, I am realistic about the size of its audience, and am glad that it will be published by this imprint.

I’m still targeting the end of the year for publication, with a tentative date of November 15th. That’s ambitious, but just barely possible. I’ll post updates here as I get closer.


One comment

  1. This is great news… but I need it now!

    I’ve been a freelance technical writer for the last few years and on Sunday I’m going to start a new job as a manager. Got any quick advice for me apart from the chapters you’ve already posted?

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