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Article: Seven Tips for Living with Technology

April 28, 2008

I’ve just published a new article, titled Seven Tips for Living with Technology, on The Content Wrangler.

The article looks at some basic strategies for keeping your sanity as you acquire and work with technology. It is a significant re-write of a draft section of my book. That draft section can be found at: Living With Technology.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time after reading one of my articles, welcome. Stay for a while and check out other draft sections of the book. The place to start is the Note to Participants, which describes what I’m up to and how best to view the site.

If you haven’t visited The Content Wrangler, it’s worth a look. It’s frequently updated, has a lot of good information, and has a large and growing community of people interested in content management and content management systems.


Article: Choosing an XML Schema

April 11, 2008

Scott Abel, who runs The Content Wrangler, a website that focuses on content management, has posted an article of mine titled, Choosing an XML Schema: Docbook or DITA.

The article talks about how to choose the right XML schema for your needs, and despite my DocBook bias, I think it gives a “fair and balanced” treatment of the subject. While you’re over at the site, you may want to consider joining The Content Wrangler Community, which calls itself, “The social network for content professionals.” It has subgroups for everything from Blogging to Wikis. Certainly worth checking out.